H1204 Course Goals


Honors English is open to all Virginia Tech students whose entrance scores indicate that they qualify for the course. If you are not sure whether or not your scores qualify you for H1204, check with the Assistant Director of the English Department before you sign up.

Because H1204 is an honors-level course, you can expect to work both with close analysis and with research–including library and online research and fieldwork. The reading in Honors 1204 is chosen to deepen your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.

You should expect reading and writing assignments to be at an advanced level reflecting the honors designation for the course.

Requirements for English H1204

*A minimum of 3 graded papers written from sources. These papers will require more than one draft as you work with your teacher and your class to prepare them for the grade. At least one of these papers will ask for an extended analysis. Major papers in H1204 tend to be 5-25 pages in length with proper citations.

*A minimum of 20 pages of informal writing. This writing might be in the form of journal writing, blogs, proposals, and so on.

*At least one individual presentation, including the use of visual elements.

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