“I would go directly to the university information on this issue (”


“The first thing you should do is to contact your advisor.  From there, you will have a discussion about how egregious the plagiarism case is.  If you decide to report the violation, you will need to file paperwork with the Honor System (  You will need to keep the original copy of the suspected paper and submit the evidence you found (for example, highlights of the copied work from a website).  You should also submit your assignment and your syllabus, which should have a statement about plagiarism.”


“You should be working with several drafts. If it’s a first draft, I simply tell the student to begin again, but you need to know that the paper is plagiarized.

“Using sources badly does not constitute plagiarism. In fact, it offers you a chance to teach more about how to use sources.

“Misusing quotation marks or not understanding what it means to paraphrase does not constitute plagiarism. Again, let that be a chance for you to teach.

“However, if you know the paper was copied – and you have to know that for certain – and if this is a final draft (the student turned the paper in for a grade), you’ll need to take it to honor court. Start by contacting your GTA adviser. You’ll get help from there.”


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