Frequently it is all too easy and all too tempting for students to engage in self-plagiarism–when they simply “recycle” an old paper they’ve written that happens to meet the requirements of a new assignment. Instead of using the assignment as an opportunity to put into practice all of the painstakingly crafted lessons you’ve collaboratively worked on, the student uses that time on other endeavors and misses out on a great deal of important learning.

Narrative assignments, particularly ones that are open ended, are especially vulnerable to this sort thing. Thus, the assignments here work to provide guidance and specific outcomes that draw upon students’ personal experiences to craft meaningful and reflective pieces of writing. Whether they are writing liner notes for a CD, a researched memoir, or creating an urban legend, these assignments offer students an opportunity to explore and present experience.

Cultural Narrative
Family and Culture Paper
Literacy Narrative
Personal Essay
Meditation on a Single Word
Narrative Exercises
Personal Narrative
Narrative Essay Assignment
Researched Narrative
Mix Tape + Liner Notes
Personal Narrative: The Music in Our Lives
Storytelling: Urban Legends
Feature Story Assignment

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