All too frequently, freshmen equate “research” with “the research paper.” This is a shame, because they are engaged in research all the time, often without knowing it. For example, when they compare baseball statistics, prices, or the differing opinions of movie reviewers,  they are consulting information outside of themselves to inform an argument, even if it’s only internal (“should I buy this dress here?”).

One of the purposes of ENGL 1106 is to encourage students to consciously and explicitly engage in primary research and to understand how inclusive the term “research” really is. Fieldwork assignments such as those found in this section can prompt students to methodically study the environments and contexts around them to craft careful arguments.

Fieldwork Report
Bioregional Quiz + Reflection
Fieldwork & Reporting
Fieldwork Essay
Fieldwork Research Paper
Observing a Place
Fieldwork Research Paper


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