Assignments emphasizing analysis are popular in ENGL 1105 due to its goal of fostering critical thinking. In this section you’ll find many examples of assignments that foster analytic skills in a number of genres and contexts.

Perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind when assigning analysis papers is to remind students of audience concerns. It can be easy to assign analysis “in a vacuum”–that is, that their only audience is the teacher. Try to imagine ways to have the students do that analysis while considering their own rhetorical concerns: who might benefit from the analysis? To what end is the analysis being pursued?

Critical Analysis 1
Critical Analysis 2
Gender Then & Now
Brief Rhetorical Analysis 1
Brief Rhetorical Analysis 2
Analyzing a Literacy Event
Ad Analysis
Short Rhetorical Analysis
Ad Analysis 2
Rhetorical Analysis 1
Rhetorical Analysis 2
Rhetorical Analysis 3
Rhetorical Analysis 4
Rhetorical Analysis 5
Rhetorical Analysis (and/or Ad Analysis) 6
Rhetorical Analysis 7
Narrative (Film) Analysis

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