What should I do if one student talks more than others?

“I say, ‘ok.. you’re ON today, Jen.. but I have to make sure I get the whole class talking, so we can scaffold our ideas with eachother.'”


“Ask them to stay after class and tell them it’s great that they are so enthusiastic, but you are concerned about other students who might be a bit more shy and need a little more time to formulate contributions.  So, if they (the talker) don’t mind, maybe they would consider limiting their contributions to two really good ones per class?”


“Call on them less.  Say to the class that they are making so-and-so do all the work and you need to hear from others.  If it’s an issue about this person (as opposed to an issue of having a quiet class), talk to him/her individually, letting them know that you appreciate their willingness to talk but you need to hear from others.”


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