What should I do if a student stops coming to class?

“Email the student.  Send them to the dean of students if there are extenuating circumstances that need to be dealt with.  Talk to someone like Nancy Metz.

“What should I do if a student returns after an absence and says they’ve been sick but they don’t have a doctor’s note?

“Send them to the dean of students and let them try to distinguish fact from fiction.  Also, you can let them keep attending but put the burden of make-up work totally on them.”


“Email the student after two or three absences.  If you get no response, or an unsatisfactory response, email the Dean of Students office (dean.students@vt.edu), saying that the student has been absent without notice, and that you are concerned.  http://www.dos.vt.edu/


“I ask the others ‘does anyone know if Jon is alive and moving?’ and usually someone in class texts them to find out. If we don’t hear back, I email the student. I deal with freshman, mostly, so I watch out for them more than others will. I also establish a BASEGROUPS during the first week of class—each group has 4 students; they share email addresses so they can get in touch with eachother about misunderstandings of assignments & stuff that I don’t have time to go over again. The basegroup also keeps eachother going… they usually end-up becoming good friends, study together, do extra workshopping together, and a bunch of them end-up dating eachother. (seriously.) So if someone is missing, I ask the basegroup what’s going on. Usually they know.”


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