Frequently Asked Questions

The idea behind this page: collect the questions that new teachers commonly ask, and ask professors and instructors in the VT English Department to supply some answers–to add to the conversation about what it means to teach writing, supervise a course, and manage a class, all while understanding that there are often a number of approaches to solving problems, building assignments, interpreting texts, and interacting with students.

Click on a question and read the answers!

What Is the Purpose of 1105?

What Is the Purpose of 1106?

Why Can’t We Teach Literature? Isn’t This an ENGLISH Class?

What Do I Do If I Discover an Instance of Plagiarism?

What Should I Do If Students Haven’t Done Their Homework?

What Do I Say to a Disruptive Student?

How Much of the Textbook Should One Teach?

Where Can I Find Important Dates?

How Do I Handle Hard-to-Believe But Difficult-to-Disprove Excuses?

How Do I Generate Discussion?

Should We Call on Students Individually?

How Can I Make Sure that Students Do Group Work?

How Do I Figure out What My Students Actually Know?

What Should I Keep in Mind When Grading Papers?

How Do I Construct a Syllabus?

How Do I Write a Lesson Plan?

Is It Okay to Teach Grammar?

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